Change of Android ROM leaves "Error (100%)" on Folders

I have just upgraded my mobile phone’s ROM from Cyanogenmod 12.1 (Android 5.1.1) to CyanogenMod 13 (Android 6.0.1)

I used the Android app called Titanium Backup Pro on the phone to backup Syncthing app + Data.

When I restored all my Android apps using Titanium Backup, I chose to recreate the phone’s Android device ID, for minimal disruption.

All other apps Titanium restored apps appear to be working correctly.

I restored Syncthing + Data and it starts OK, showing my Devices and Folders list correctly.

The mobile phone’s Device ID has been restored.

The DEVICES list has no errors.

However, each of my folders is showing… “Error (100%)” in green for the status.

Also, the WebGUI will not load, showing… “” is not available.

What have I done wrong, and is it an easy fix?

Server = v0.12.17, Linux (64 bit) Phone = v0.12.15 (Syncthing-Android-Version 0.7.6)


Are the folders you share in syncthing located on the internal storage of your phone or on external storage like a micro sd card? Google did a major overhaul of the external storage interface in Android 6. It’s also possible that you had root before and don’t have anymore or that you have to reselect the folders, because Android remembers which app is allowed to write in which folder. If that’s not transferred with TB, the app will try to access the folder. But the operating system doesn’t allow this, because the app currently doesn’t have the permission to write to this folder.

Sounds like #528.

@generalmanager: The storage access framework was added in 4.4, and iirc there were only minor changes to it in 6.0.

How would I allow the write? I could try adding a completely new folder to see if it’s a phone or android error rather than a Syncthing error.

BTW, I fully believe it’s me that has done something wrong and it’s not Syncthing :slight_smile:

I could also try the Android app options “Sync as Root”, which is currently not ticked.

How do I attach the debug log here?

What does “Reset Database” do?


The phone is a Nexus 5 with only internal storage.

Yeah, and it was modified in lollipop and has gotten the ability to “adopt” the sdcard as the main storage device and in exchange only allows apps to write in specific folders of the internal storage on marshmallow. :wtf: The file picker was also introduced before 6.0, but maybe it has been touched because of the changes regarding the adopt storage option. I’m by no means an expert on the exact details of the storage framework tough. Just wanted to mention all possibilities I could think of. So if he now adopted the card, he can’t access non-standard folders on the internal storage any more. If the place where the special allowed instances of folders selected with the file picker are saved somewhere else on 6.0, and TB hasn’t been adapted to cope with that (or he uses an outdated version), that’s another possibility. But because he has a device without a micro sd slot, your link is probably the solution :wink:

Found it! Fixed!

Looks like Android 5.1.1 and Android 6 have different directory paths.

I only spotted it when I held down the folder in the Android app and opened the folder (well, tried to!) in ES File Explorer.

“Folder /storage/sdcard0/Music/ is not found.”

Ah! Penny drops.

So, I have removed the Folder in the ST app, re-added the folder at


and all is well with that sync.

I shall now redo the others.

Doh! I feel a bit silly.

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All fixed. Case, closed :slight_smile: Thanks for everyone’s help.

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