CHange folder of database

Can I change and move the database folder? appdata\local\syncthing\index-v0.11.0.db\

It gets really big, 15 GB on my machine I sync several hard drives

The command line parameter -home lets you set the home dir (instead of appdata\local\syncthing).

mhhh… I have no idea what to do with that :wink: Where do I have to write what?

Instead of just starting syncthing.exe you need to start it like syncthing.exe -home D:\syncthing.

I moved my database elsewhere and then symlinked the path to appdata\local\syncthing\index-v0.11.0.db . Works like a charm, even across multiboot environments sharing the same database.

Regarding multiboot: If you use different OSs (Windows <-> Linux) or you have different drive letters, you should never share the config.

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