Change device syncthing without losing syncthing data


after many times on this forum, i trie to find a solution for my problem. I have a dedicated server with syncthing. At my house i have a nas ( too older for install syncthing), i use an old windows laptop to sync my nas with my dedicated server.

Once the sync is complete. I want to remove the Windows computer, and keep the syncthing link with ma laptop, like that when i add something on my nas from my laptop the syncthing make this job.

Can i just shutdown the windows comptuer, install syncthin on my laptop and kepp my data on dedicated server or all my data was remove and the laptop make a sync again ?

My syncthing install was like that :

Nas → windows PC → Dedicated Server

Windows PC was configure → Send only Dedicated server → Recieve only.

I hope it’s possible.

Sorry for my poor French-Glish :slight_smile:

Sorry, I’ve read it but I am not sure what is being asked.

You can point syncthing at a folder that has pre-existing data, and if its the same as in other places it should not need to transfer it (it will still go through the sync process to compare it).

I do recommend setting one side as send only just in case the data is not the same.

Thanks and sorry for my “blurried explainiation”.

Your answer is that i’m waiting.

I sync ma “shared folder” from my nas to my dedicated server with my windows computer. in the future i sync the “shared folder” from my nas always to my dedicated server but with my laptop.

Like you say, if i just change the device who make the sync but the source “shared folder” and the destination are the same i loose nothing.

Thanks you so much !

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