Change default folder and use multi folders?

I am wondering how you change the default folder path? I want to change the default folder on the remote computer I am syncing with. When I click on new folder it does not allow me to brows for the folder?

Also is there a way to create separate folders on my local computer for specific file types and have them Lync to specific fodders on the remote computer for syncing?


There is no browser, you have to type in the path manually. Also, we do not support changing folder paths as it’s a dangerous action, it’s safer to remove it and add a new folder.

Check “ignores” section in the docs regarding file types.

Android User, here, I am very confused with this set-up!

On the Android app: if I delete a folder in the Syncthing interface, does it delete the data - or just the link to the folder?

It does only delete the Syncthing folder configuration, your data remains in that place and you can readd the folder later if you like.

Default folder path is a setting in the menu. I usually delete the “Default” folder in the GUI (which is %USERPROFILE%\Sync or ~/Sync in the tree) and use this one for default path.

Also, you can either type any path for a folder and/or use keyboard arrows helpers as soon as you type 1~2 first characters (case sensitive in Win IIRC) of a directory that already exists. If what you typed didn’t exist at the time you click “Save”, then it is created. ST GUI helps you to create paths, not to delete. If you speak french, switch the GUI, all this is very well explained (I hope) :wink:

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