Case sensitive search on versions does not work


Using a Laptop and a Raspberry Pi with syncthing. I have simple file versioning on.

I am trying to restore a file from the Raspberry to the laptop. Cannot find the file when I search under versions. I notice it is case sensitive although the parameter under Advance Settings is not check.

Yeah, this is a known issue / feature request (see The parameter in the Advanced Configuration is completely unrelated to this.

Also, I’d strongly advise against using Simple Versioning at this point as it’s bugged (see You will end up with versioned files with older timestamps being cleaned (i.e. deleted) much earlier than they should be.

Thanks for the heads up. Any suggestions with regards to file versioning? what set up do you use?

I personally always use staggered versioning :slightly_smiling_face:. It can use quite a lot of space though, so I usually tweak the Maximum Age depending on the situation, e.g. to keep it low when there’s not enough space or the files aren’t that important, and high when the space is enough or the files are very important. External versioning is also very powerful and basically limitless if you feel like experimenting with writing your own custom scripts.

One of my plans for the near future is to set up a central server-like computer where I’d enable versioning using a custom Versions Path inside each synced folder, so that it would propagate to all other devices. This way the versioned files will be accessible everywhere. Of course, you can already do so by syncing the .stversions folder itself, but doing that will double the total folder number, which I want to avoid (as I’ve already got too many folders to begin with).

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