Case insensitivity (again)


Having read all the previous threads I know this has been around for a while and I have also read threads explaining why it’s difficult to implement across different languages and platforms.

So a simple ask, could there be an option to turn on / off case insensitivity. I have a windows to windows - send / receive setup and I have quite a lot of failed syncs due to the file extensions either being jpg or JPG depending on what camera took the picture. Presently it’s hovering around 300Gb failed items.

This way at least some of us would benefit on a pure windows sync and others can at least experiment to see if it works for their setup.

(Jakob Borg) #2

The underlying problem is that it requires a more or less complete refit of the index database and surrounding logic. It’s not trivial to implement in the current architecture.


Fair enough

I understand that the newer versions of W10 supports case sensitivity with some command lines on specific directories, so I will do some experimenting to see if I can work around it.