case : global gt local when 0 files exist no more anywhere

3 devices : Two of mine DD (deskop), DL (laptop), one friend DF freshly sharing a bunch of files.

I added a [folderRoot]/YetThere/FLAC subfolder with 16 files in DD for DF, after adding a simple FLAC ignore in DL as I didn’t want these in my laptop.

When upload to DF was all done, I removed all the stuff in [rootFolder] knowing DF has a TrashCan set for the folder, then I removed ignores in DL.

Now all 3 devices are UptoDate, DF shows local=global=0/0/0, but my 2 DL & DD show local=0/0/0 global=16/1/438MiB

(pending #4696)

Recent changes on DL.txt (3.3 KB) Recent changes on DD.txt (3.4 KB)

Notice some files show twice in DL deletions when I really deleted once from DD.

@imsodin ?

No clue about the global state issue, the meta tracking type does filter out invalid files. Unless any of the versions run an old version (i.e. pre global invalid times, I think 0.14.41 or so), then I have an idea: The pre-global-invalid device will not announce the ignored file -> other devices still think it has a valid copy. I’d think this would something in the web UI to display out of sync, but I didn’t actually check this scenario against the code. Please give us the versions of the devices.

The double deleted files in the recent changes list are clear: The action field is set in a switch statement where IsDeleted() precedes IsInvalid(), which certainly is wrong.

DD & DF were and still are 0.14.43

DL was and still is 0.14.44-rc2

[EDIT]: but surely the 4 first lines in DL recent changes are from (very) old times. This thread is only about the ...machine/FLAC... ones, in which some show more than once

Recent changes list in DF is empty

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