Cascade Delete Question ON Resetup


I have been using Syncthing for several years and when I first started using it I saw something that explained that cascade deletes are something to watch out for.

Since then I have only really setup new machines and fresh setups, until recently.

I have one machine that had some issues. Long story short I am now sitting with all the data folders but a fresh default syncthing config/install.

My Question

Are there any risks adding a folder from my central network Syncthing device and pointing the local to the existing folder that should have all the same content so as to avoid a long network re-sync?

And does it matter/change things if the original .stfolder exist?


That’s exactly what you can do, however I would suggest setting the folder type to Receive Only initially, just to be extra safe.

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Thank you, it worked exactly as expected. With no data loss.

There is never a circumstance where you should be creating .stfolder by hand.

It’s safer to remove the folder and re-add it back (and let syncthing create it) than it is to create that file by hand.

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