Can't start v0.12.17 gui on raspberry pi

Updated a perfectly fine 12.16 on a pi. Was working earlier in the day. Added three new folders and a new device and now the gui won’t start.

syncthing process is apparently running but can’t reach gui on local machine ( or another LAN device.

Not sure how to fix or trouble shoot.

Thx for any help

Did you make any changes to settings just before you lost the ability to connect to the GUI?

Other than add the three folders and attempt to add the device…nope

Logs are nice. Best guess is that you have more stuff in the database now and the initial startup (which looks through the database) takes a bit longer.

Really strange…it took 15 minutes for the gui to finally start !!!

In short, yeah, that’s happened for someone else on a Raspberry as well. Not sure why it is so horribly slow in that setup.

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