Can't save sync task after selecting Trashcan File Versioning

I have never encountered this before and can’t figure it out. When I set up a new sync task, I occasionally lose the option to save once Trashcan File Versioning is selected. Instead, I have to use simple file versioning, which I don’t want to do.

I assume there is a simple remedy but I can’t figure it out. Any ideas out there? Googling did not resolve the issue for me nor did reading the docs on file versioning.

What do you mean by task? There are no tasks in syncthing. Also, what do you mean by losing option to save? It’s not an option, it’s just a button.

When I accept and set up a new folder share, the receiving device (computer2) gets prompted to accept the share from the sending device (computer1 would like to share a folder with you). If I select simple file versioning I can save. When I select Trashcan File Versioning the button goes to a lighter shade of blue and the cursor turns to a red X when I hover over the save button, which can not be clicked.

I think it might require you to put in number of days to keep the items in the trash can for, did you set that?

Also, you can always change the versioner settings after you added the folder.

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Edited after and it works. Fixed. Thanks.

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I just wanted to add that I came across the same thing. I’m not sure if it’s intended behaviour or not.

I shared a folder from machine A to machines B, C and D. In the “add folder” window on machines B, C and D, the option to save the new folder was not available if trash can file versioning was selected. The “save” button was grayed out and not selectable, as described above. With other file versioning methods the “save” button was selectable.

After saving the folder with “no file versioning” selected and then editing the folder properties again, it was then possible to save the folder with “trash can file versioning” selected.

This occurred whether I was adding the folder from the notification prompt or directly using the folder id. The 4 machines I’m using are running windows and android with a mixture of syncthing versions v1.7.1 and v1.8.0

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