Cant revert local changes

Hi all! :slight_smile:

So i just set up 3 NAS with syncthing. One is send only and 2 is receive only. They found each other and started to sync as they should. But now that they are finished with it the two receive only NAS has local changes(cant check if they are the same, gui throws up if i want to view anything else besides the first page), when i click revert it wont do anything, and i get this error in the log:

Revert: directory is not empty; files within are probably ignored on connected devices only

There are no ignore patterns defined and i made sure that syncthing can read the share im syncing. The version is: v1.3.3, Linux (ARM). I would appreciate any idea since i ran out of them here.

Thanks in advance!

Thatโ€™s, fixed in the next release (v1.3.4).

No ignore patterns on any of the devices sharing that folder?

None, already double checked that there is none on any of the devices.

I really like syncthing but i guess im done with it. Re-created the shares and now both recevie only box thinks its up to data but they arent. One of them missing 5 files, the other one only 2. And no amount of rescan will fix it. Only change is that the main NAS now ignores the autocreated thumbs stuff(it added autmatically).

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