Cant get rid of a device

I dont know why but a device I don’t know keep displays in my list of devices I do remover it - just to see it comes back to my list of devices??

You have introducer enabled somewhere and the device gets reintroduced by someone.

Thanks for the reply Okay - I installed the Syncthing on my Android too - I thought it could have been my phone trying to connect to the computer - but It didn’t worked. Now (from a day ago) Syncthing is uninstalled from my Android - so why do it keep reintroduced (if the connection did have something to do with my android)? Could it be someone unauthorized trying to connected?

Look through the configuration for the devices on the box where you’re trying to remove the device. If Introducer is checked, uncheck it. Save. Restart. Remove the device you want to get rid of.

I guess that was the solution (Unchecked “Introducer” on every devices connected to every devices I have connected) - Thanks

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