Cant get Ignore to work.

No, for ignores patterns prefixed by (?i) case does not matter.

Ignoring is always local.

so the ignore answer is not clear. saying its always local is relative to your perspective. Do you mean its local by either:

  1. The send only Computer
  2. the receiving computer

I think local is pretty clear: If you set ignore patterns on device aka syncthing instance A, it will ignore paths matched by the patterns, i.e. neither send nor receive it. Those patterns do not apply to devices/instances B, C, …, you have to set ignore patterns on those devices as well.

If the exact folder path and desired ignores are listed we will tell you exactly what to put in .stignore.

Also have found that if ignores are created on device A these ignored folders/ files will still sync on device B and C and remain in the the global file total for the share. The only way to keep a folder/ file out of the global file count and off device B and C (without editing .stignore on each device) is to have the ignore pattern listed before the initial scan of the files/ folders to be ignored for a given share.

No offense Simon but your answer was clear as mud. But it sounds like it must be ignored on every node even if the sync is one way AKA: node A is send only and node B is the only receiver.

As far as i can tell I have the correct stignore lines but its looking like the way ignores are implemented is different than was interpreted by me.

All I’m trying to stop from syncing is Active Temporary file locations in windows that reside in the user profile folder. So the entire AppData folder is the primary folder I need to fully block. This along with a few file extensions for AutoCAD and Adobe temp files that reside outside the AppData folder and are getting caught in the sync.

The main reason for needing to do this is that since many of these files change frequently and are deleted and recreated sometimes many times a minute it causes Syncthing to create large numbers of conflicts and failures. Beyond the fact that these files are simply not needed.

If still having trouble (missed your reply). Assuming C:\Users\USER is the shared folder add the below ignore pattern to all Windows machines using the share to ignore AppData. Guarantee will work.




Caveat is that sometimes when ignoring a folder after the share has already been using it the Local State/ Global State sometimes get messed up…but the share still works perfectly.

Not \AppData - path separators for ignore patterns are always frontslashes /, not backslashes \.

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