Can't get files to sync[solved]

I want to use syncthing to mirror 6 computers to one centralized location Server: running turenas with syncthings plugin inside jail I think I have this setup correctly where syncthings can access and create files on the pool. Clint’s 1-6 are all running windows 10 pro 64 and the setup for each computer will be the same. Windows 10: syncthing is ran with task scheduler set to run at system startup using dedicated username syncthing that has been setup with administrator permissions. 2 folders are being synced. Folders are set to share with server as send only (I don’t want the files on computer to be modified only duplicated) server I have set as receive only. When on server dashboard the folder show up as out of sync and appear to try and sync( shows syncing 0% then quickly switched back to out of sync) I’m running the windows machines on wifi 5g server is hardwired. Folder size is about 100-200 mb each file is only a few kb-mb in size. Any help on what I may have done wrong would be aperciated

In the log file on server side I see 2020-12-18 08:13:09 Puller (folder “Log Files” (jvi2k-ygszx), item “(3AKJGBDV4LDMG7309) 12-17-2020 1727.40.DrumrollLog”): syncing: setting perms on temp file: chmod /Drumroll/Log Files/.syncthing.(3AKJGBDV4LDMG7309) 12-17-2020 1727.40.DrumrollLog.tmp: operation not permitted for each file and 2020-12-18 08:13:09 “Log Files” (jvi2k-ygszx): Failed to sync 538 items 2020-12-18 08:13:09 Folder “Log Files” (jvi2k-ygszx) isn’t making sync progress - retrying in 16m6s. at end of log

this was solved by my self. The username and group for the jail on the truenas side was not setup correctly. i deleted the user and group used by syncthing plugin and recreated them and resetup share permissions on server side. syncthings immediately started copying files over to the server.

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