Can't find a way to catch multiple subfolders and files with .stignore

So I want to sync a bunch of session files from more than dozen firefox profiles, the root folder is .mozilla/firefox, which contains all the profile data of multiple profiles.

Now, each of these folders contains session data in the “sessionstore-backup” folder, and a sessionstore.jsonlz4 file in the profile’s folder, to clarify “sessionstore.jsonlz4” is not inside “sessionstore-backup”

I somehow need to find a way to sync the “sessionstore-backup” folder and sessionstore.jsonlz4 file from 20 different profile folders and I’m honestly stumped, no amount of wildcard like ! . /session** works, sometimes it just syncs a single profile and ignores the others for whatever reason, I’m honestly stumped and would require help.

This probably sounds confusing but if you got Firefox installed you can easily check your profile to better understand the file positioning.

That’s just because that pattern is not right, more precisely the ./ prefix is simply not needed. If you want to include any directory and its children that starts with “session”, you need !session*. If you can point to what part of the docs ( made you think you need to add ./ in the pattern please explain, maybe it can be made more clear.

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