Can't directly connect in phone's wifi

There are:

  • main PC in separate wired ISP network (Windows 10)
  • Android phone with its own wireless internet, also it’s a wifi hotspot to connect a laptop
  • laptop (Windows 7) Relays are off. On both computers firewalls are off

Main PC has no problems to sync with phone, and phone syncs with laptop. But main PC and laptop cannot sync each other (status Disconnected)

What I see in address tab: dynamic quic:// context deadline exceeded (21:12:47) tcp:// i/o timeout (21:12:37)

What’s the problem? Does phone act like a router or a firewall? I have port forwarding on my main PC’s router for tcp:22000 and udp:21027, though I have no idea how to configure phone’s hotspot.

Turning on relays fixes the connectivity issue, though sync speed is terrible

Well the problem is clearly that they can’t talk directly, or they can, but the addresses are internal to the lan and cannot be announced sensibly and local discovery does not work because of network restrictions.

You can configure fixed ips if you know what they are and verified that direct connectivity is actually possible.

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