Can't add

Hi, On my syncthing serveur, I can’t add device. I must edit configuration in notepad. Computer is windows 10 + syncthing 1.1.1

See panic in attachement. Thanks ! Sam (11.2 MB)

This is panic: bug: ClusterConfig called on closed or nonexistent connection · Issue #4170 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub

Looking at your panic and now having an idea what could cause it, I am now quite certain I know what’s causing it - thanks for that :slight_smile:

In your last panic trace (and one trace in the linked bug report for confirmation), the rawConnection causing the panic only has a readerLoop running, writerLoop doesn’t exist anymore → “race” on closing the connection.

Unfortunately I don’t know a workaround for your current problems, but I can promise a fix that will hopefully solve the problem in a future version.

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