Can't add device anymore

Since the upgrade to v1.12.0-rc.1 I can no longer accept a connection from a new devise. I get the pop up showing a devise is requesting connection but when I Add Device and Save - it doesn’t add and the popup stays up as if nothing happens. The only way I can add a new devise is manually add it in the config file. This error also pups up at the top of the browser in yellow "DEV JS: errors1 warn0 " This is happening on all my systems running v1.12.0-rc.1

I can reproduce it. You can also add the device clicking “Add Remote Device”, that is not affected by this problem.

Hi Imsodin. I tried using the add device on the front page, still getting JS errors.

This should be fixed in rc.2. Which version do you use and if it’s v1.12.0-rc.2, what exactly are you doing respectively what is the JS error (F12 opens the console that shows it)?

Is it really fixed in rc2 , because I have the same problem here Early Testing for Untrusted (Encrypted) Devices

That problem had nothing to do with the untrusted feature and there’s no indication in this topic that the untrusted feature is involved so far.

Disabling the untrusted feature still throws me js errors on rc2 when I try to add devices :?:

I’ve took a fresh Win10 Pro x64 VM that has never seen a Syncthing installation before, using Chrome 85.x and the error still reproduces on v1.12.0-rc.2. I’ll PM a video recording to @imsodin for analysis.

I can reproduce now: It works just fine if you click on the discovered device ID when adding the device (what I did before) but doesn’t when copy-pasting the ID into the input field. Can you open an issue on github please.

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@imsodin: Ok, filed at [RC] Copy-pasting device ID to input field throws JS error · Issue #7124 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub Thank you :slight_smile:


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