cannot upgrade to 0.9

Running 0.9 beta9 on freeNAS:

root@plugins:/ # service syncthing update Stopping syncthing. Waiting for PIDS: 864. 15:10:14 FATAL: Upgrade: API call returned HTTP error: 404 Not Found Starting syncthing.

Any ideas?

You must upgrade manually.

I guess then I’ll have to wait. I installed syncthing via a .pbi file for freeNAS and there’s no newer version available yet apparently…

What’s a pbi file? Sounds like something should be added to the community additions page…

There’s no important difference between beta9 and the actual release either, so it’s cool. But the real release will be able to upgrade.

Apparently a .pbi file is some sort of package for freebsd but I’m a complete newb at that so all I can give you is the thread where the guy who packaged it posted it:

0.9 beta 9 is chowing my CPU and stuck at 99% syncing, see my other thread hence I was hoping that 0.9 would solve that…