cannot sync with my server


i’ve installed syncthing on my server ( with a fixed ip address ) and successfully connected my clients to it. Local sync between my clients in my private network is working perfectly but when i try to sync the files to my server (which is outside of my lan) sync gets stuck at 0%.

if i run my client in the cmdline i get these log messages:

Connection to ... closed: reading length: read tcp [ip]->[other ip]: use of closed network connection

The server is newly set up raspberry pi 3 with raspbian.

Check for error messages before that or error messages on the other side.

The other side has very similiar error messages:

[TB356] 12:41:20 INFO: Replacing old connection IP-RANGE/Relay (Client) with IPRANGE/TCP (Client) for ID [TB356] 12:41:20 INFO: Connection to ID closed: reading length: read tcp IP: use of closed network connection

Something (av, firewall, poor connectivity) is killing the connections before we manage to use it.

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