cannot connect to localhost and system tray

I have switched from opensuse 15.4 to 15.5 Now launching syncthing from the application menu, i get to ‘cannot connect to’, yet starting from console, the web interface is displayed and syncthing runs flawlessly, as in the previous opensuse version. The icon in the system tray is not displayed. Any hints?

thank you

If there was ever a system tray icon, that was provided by a third party wrapper for Syncthing. Maybe Syncthing-GTK or similar.

The link you’re starting from the application menu might just be a shortcut to open the Web GUI, not to run the backend. There are usually two menu entries, depending on how you installed it. One for the GUI and one for starting. How did you install Syncthing?

It’s a binary package. Probably I have installed it from an experimental repository. I will check whether there in another one. Thank you

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