Canceled upload still processing

Hi, Let’s have 3 devices (In three different countries :slight_smile: ) with one master read only and two cooperatives. Let’s add a file on one of the “slaves” : it’s starts sync process and the master gets the message with the button to crash these changes (And what else could you do ? Is there a possibility to accept this file with a click ?). But in the back, you see the transfer allready occurs between the two slaves. Why not ?.. You see it’s out of sync and syncinc. Then if you answer the master to crash, the correct number of files is soon displayed, local equals global; the slaves corrects themselves, displaying they are synced but the transfer doesn’t stop and still occurs 'til the end in the background. Thanks.

This is how it’s implemented. Transfers are not cancellable.

So even if it is useless to transfer because immediatly the master crashes the modification while the transfer isn’t finished yet, it still keeps on it’s way one sending and the other dropping the data as soon as they arrive ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s not dropping data, it’s writing out the file on disk, and once that is done, it goes into processing the next change announced by master, which is deleting the file.

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I think it’s one more argument to set up a “receive only” configuration, to avoid unnecessary transfert initiated by a “slave”

Sure, yet nobody cares enough about this to implement it, so there is that argument.

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