Can two folder overlap?

(Maxocoin) #1

Hi, I have the folder “MainFolder” that I’m syncing between two devices.

And I have a 3rd device that it should be only be allowed to sync an specific folder (“bar2”) inside of the previously shared “syncthing folder”.

E.g. giving: MainFolder/ foo foofoo bar/ baz quux quuz bar2/ baz frobble

The folder “MainFolder” should be synced between Machine A and B And the machine C should only know and sync the folder “bar2”

Can I add two Syncthing folders, one for “MainFolder” and another for “Mainfolder/bar2” and share the 1st between with A and B and the between with A, B and C?

Cheers MC

(Audrius Butkevicius) #2

I think this is answered in the faq

(Simon) #3

Was that PR changing the wording merged? As before the faq essentially said “You can, but don’t”. While the answer is “You can - make sure you know what you’re doing”. As long as you don’t do cyclic includes you should be good.


I don’t think so, the faq currently says:

2.2.12. Am I able to nest shared folders in Syncthing?

Do not share a folder which is inside another shared folder. This behaviour is in no way supported, recommended or coded for in any way, and comes with many pitfalls.

(Simon) #5

Yeah, it’s just an issue, no PR yet, so I created one:


If you’re the owner of machine C, you could use on it the Ignores feature in the folder’s settings. i.e. you use this syntax IIRC


Don’t forget the final *

This way, you won’t get the red warnings on nested folder’s path in DEV A & B

(Audrius Butkevicius) #7

You don’t need ignores for other parts of the tree anymore.


Aud means you’d just need


Last time I tried I remember there was some problem, maybe for other historical reason (previously known resurrected ! excludes)