Can the syncthing work like this?

hi everybody: i have use btsync,now i want to use syncthing,but i found problem that one node delete file ,other node also delete same file ,that is work right .but i need the folder work like btsync’s readonly secret type , the readonly secret folder can accept other node file ,but the readonly node delete file ,other node didn’t delete same file ,only this node manage it’s file. Can the syncthing work like this?

Sort of, probably. Set your device to “master” and it will ignore changes and deletes from other devices.

thank calmh: but if i set each device is “master” ,they didn’t send file eachother ! i hope the node can get other node new file !

I’m not sure what you mean. Only one side can be “read only”, so there should be only one master. If you need something else, it’s probably not something currently implemented.

thank calmh: last night ,i test the syncthing ,it work like you say,Only one side can be “read only”! today i see the sourcecode ,i found the syncthing support two type Start Folder, it’s “StartFolderRW” and “StartFolderRO” in “model.go”,they are work for two type folder,is right? now i need isn’t implemented,i need work like btsync’s readonly secret type ,could implemented it in the future?

One way you can do this is with File Versioning. You can set it to Simple or Staggered. Simple saves 5 versions by default of files that were changed. This lets you restore files that you didn’t want to get deleted, up to 5 versions back. Staggered lets you do the same thing, but by date.

thank sez11a: i have test use version,but this type isn’t i need ,i hope another type folder that the device manage it’s self file ,but when other device add file,this device can get the added file. this type in the BTSync is “readonly secret”.

@calmh: now i think,the syncthing isn’t fit to me ,can you Customize it to me ? my email: , i will pay to you !

What sunyl is looking for is the way BTSync handles what we call “masters” in Syncthing, but it’s the reverse way of looking at it in the BTSync world. You can set an individual node to be “readonly” which means changes from everything else goes to it, but it’s changes are ignored.

That way you can have multiple “masters” (our terms) writing to a read-only node who’s changes won’t be synced back. It’s useful in certain situations.

Edit: I should note also that it takes for granted that the other “masters” are talking to each other and syncing their changes among themselves. So, this is strictly to keep a single node/user from mucking everyone else up, for example.

Right. You’re looking for

or maybe


Yes, I think #1439 is the one for this request.