Can the syncthing add two options?

1,“ignoreAdd”,all other device add file will not add to this device . 2,“ignoreUpdate”,all other device update file will not make change to this deivce .

the other device isn’t the master folder’s device , if device’s folder is master ,also can do everything with all device that connect to it !

if the syncthing add those two options , the synching will height Custom , it will do better than before !!!

There’s an issue on github for a “selective sync”, which should cover scenarios like these.

Not really, I don’t think that’s what (s)he’s after.

Regardless, it’s an open code base, if someone needs a feature, they can go and implement it.

I think this is about making “master” more granular, being able to ignore/reject based on the kind of update rather than just rejecting all remote changes.

hi Borg: Can you think about my suggest ? recently , i write my program that control the syncthing , but i found ,no way to let one device as a readonly device , i think the readonly device ,only change inside self ,but can receive the master device’s change , other device couldn’t change to it ! if the syncthing add my suggest options ,i think ,user can custom it more ,but couldn’t damage the syncthing’s design , isn’t it ?

It’s an open code base, if someone needs a feature, they can go and implement it.

There is a ticket for this, probably #62 or thereabout if I remember correctly. Otherwise one can be filed. But this is not something on my radar, so at the very least it’s unplanned even though it may be a valid feature request.

OK , after soon , maybe i will change the code ,if i have trouble ,please help me ,thanks everyone !!

Yes ,the syncthing is open source , but not every programmer good at GO language , and understand the syncthing’s code need a lot of time , so if i suggest is fit your plan , it’s better then i change the code ,looking i must do this job by myself ! Please help me in the future ,thanks a lot !!!