Can syncthing sync without global discovery?

I have installed syncthing on my Windows 8 laptop and wanted to mirror files to my PC at home. However, the global discovery is 0/2 even after I allow inbound rule for port 22000 and 22026

Can it work without global discovery?


Did you see this help?

Yes, there is also local discovery which is preferred over global discovery.

If it is not working, could you check that your router / accesspoint is allowing communication between the LAN and the Wifi (assuming the PC is connected by LAN and the Laptop by Wifi). My router has that option.

Yes i have read it. I have read other topics as well regarding my issue. Then there is “port forwarding” which I am not familiar with. I use DSL connection on my laptop which use ZTE modem provided by ISP, not much as a router. The PC use similar connection.

I want to try syncthing as replacement of BtSync

I realise that my condition might be preventing me to use syncthing.

note: to access this site I need to use a proxy as my ISP blocking my access to **

Can you ping the IP of the discovery server? It might be just enough the replace * with an IP.

It seems that I can not ping the discovery server, even though I already configure IE using automatic script (*.PAC file)


Syncthing does not work through a proxy.

Will it work if I change the use of proxy to OpenDNS or any DNS Forwarder?

I’m not sure what those are, but DNS is not the (only) problem - syncthing needs to be able to establish a TCP connection to the other side. If there’s a proxy in between that prevents that, they won’t be able to connect.