Can Syncthing do what I'm after


I’m running Ubuntu Server on one machine. I want to sync my user directory to another machine. It’s not much, a couple of hundred megabytes.

I have a Raspberry Pi that I use for PiHole (runs on Rasbian Lite). What i’d like to do is sync my files on my server to a mounted USB drive on the PiHole. Looking at the docs I believe this is fairly easy, but just wanted to check it is doable?

Can’t see why it can’t be done. The main purpose of Syncthing is syncing directories after all.

Hello and welcome to syncthing,

this can certainly be done, but I think you should make an exception for a few folders, most notably the .config/syncthing/index* folder.

There might be a few other files and folders that can cause trouble, e.g. your browser’s history database.

So it kind of depends on what you want - if you just want to sync your Pictures and Documents folder, then set up syncthing in such a way, that all hidden folders are being ignored (i.e. all folders starting with a dot)

If you want to sync all your settings to just have a backup - other tools might be a better choice.

If you want to even have the same settings on more than one machine - I am afraid you’ll probably be in for some trouble, especially if these machines run at the same time.

But if it is just your Documents you want to sync - then go ahead and use syncthing, it’ll do the job nicely!

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Also, if you’re trying to use it as a backup of sorts (and bearing in mind it’s not intended for this) then enable one of the file versioning options or else deletes will propagate and you will lose deleted files. File versioning goes some way to protecting against accidental user initiated deletes.

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