Can Someone Help me with this?

Hello , i am new with sync trayzor i found this great software when i was working and i am eager to used this

So Here is my Goal

[+] i want to Create a Server That could send updated patch files on remote location as an example

Here is my setup configuration

[+] on Server side i created a folder called minecraft

[+] Folder Label : D:\Online games\Minecraft

[+] Folder Path : D:\Online games\Minecraft

[+] no file versioning

[+] default ignore patterns blank

[+] folder type send only

[+] Sharing enabled to pc3 with password

[+] tcp address tcp: - compression metadata only choose by default


on remote side for trial [+] folder that syncs

[+] folder label D:\online games\minecraft path = the same

[+] no file versioning

[+] advance , folder type: received encrypted , uncheck= watch for changes

[+] full rescan interval by default 86400

some of them i didnt change so here is my problem

when ever sync started it creates folder like these from 1-9 and a-z names the size is correct but the content is not exact as i expect it should be the same with the server side

can someone help me i am stuck and upbeat by 4hrs figuring this out please

You have set an encryption password which makes the files unreadable for humans on the other side. Don’t do that, and the files will transfer as you expect. The connection is always encrypted anyway.

thanks mate , it was all working now =)

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