Can i prevent non master changes on no master nodes?

Hi guys. I’m using Syncthing for a few weeks and it looks promising. Here’s my question, i have a server A, with master repository option ENABLED, and 3 other nodes(B, C, D) with master repository option DISABLED. So, changes made on “A” will be replicated to B, C and D. But, changes made on B, for exemple, will replicate do C and D also, except on “A”, cause “A” is the only folder master and I cant enable folder master option on all nodes for security reasons. There’s a way to prevent changes made on non master nodes be replicated between non master repositories? If there is, could i still use resources from nodes to help share data between non master nodes?

Hope you guys can understand my “google english” =]

There isn’t a feature like this at the moment.

No problem with the english! What you need isn’t currently possible, but there’s a ticket for it:

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Thanks for answer. I’ll be watching this ticket.