Can I change the name of the local (PC) device

I’m using the syncthing-gtk frontend on a Linux system. I’d like to change the name of this device to match the machine’s hostname, but this doesn’t seem possible. Can I edit the relevant device line in ~/.config/syncthing/config.xml, or will this break other stuff? I would expect to have to shutdown synthing while making this change.

There should be a place in the interface to change the device name. I don’t use syncthing-gtk, but in the web interface, it is at Actions > Settings.

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Thank you for the quick reply. Apparently I have to supply a Username and password to use the web interface. I don’t remember having to set these up, and both my (linux) username and root fail. Catch22 Based on the fact that you can change the name through the web interface, I was confident that simply editing the congig.xml would not do any major damage. I was right. :slight_smile:


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