Bug with deleting folders?

Hey, i have a problem, that empty folders are not always deleted on other nodes.

I have the following setup with 3 Nodes online: Node 1 <–> Node 2 <–> Node 3 Node 3 did not have a direct connection to node 1 during the test because of a firewall. I did the following changes to node 1 and looked what happened on the other:

  • new folder/file always uploaded
  • after deleting folders they are not always updated on other nodes (state shown in screenshot, didn’t write down the steps to get to this state)

as you see node 2 sees the changes on node 1 indicated in showing 1 file on the “global repository files” but it never deletes the empty folder that is this one additional file. Same for Node 3 that sees the 2 files on node 2 but doesn’t delete the empty folders it still has

  • adding file synced all changes from 1 to 2 (only new file to 3, deleted folders still not synced)
  • adding another file -> all nodes correct, deleted folders also synced to 3
  • deleting nonempty folder -> file deleted on all, folder still exists on other nodes
  • deleting everything -> synced to 2, folders still exist on node 3

Syncthing version 0.8.4 was on all nodes (first install, no upgrade from pervious version), upgrading to 0.8.5 did not solve it.

Sounds buggy enough. Please file an issue on github (short description and link to here is enough).