BUG: LibreOffice Writer conflicts without cause

(arnad) #1

What happened

When working with a LibreOffice Writer document (.odt) for a longer time, multiple conflicts appear. I am certain there nobody is changing these files on the other machines.

What I expected

If I edit a file on one machine only, it should not be possible to get a conflict on it, no matter the program.

How to reproduce

Create a writer document (.odt) Use it for a time (keeping it open): Edit, write new stuff, delete old stuff etc. Save after every change.


I cannot reproduce this behaviour on linux systems. Neither does it happen with any other file type.

Version Information

Syncthing Version: v1.1.0 OS Version: Windows 7

(arnad) #2


I have had a look at which machine creates the conflicts. It is the same machine that I edited them on. Which, if I understand it correctly, means it has a conflict with itself?

(Jakob Borg) #3

I’d say that’s physically impossible because it’s not how conflict detection works in Syncthing, but you never know…

(arnad) #4

Doesn’t sound to likely to me either. Next time this happens (it is not reliable either) I’ll try to collect the logs of all participating machines and see if I can pinpoint something.

Any other tips on how to investigate this?

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