broadcast: lookup no DNS servers

Hello, I keep receiving the following errors (they repeat every few minutes):

14:06:41: discover udp4:// broadcast: lookup no DNS servers; trying again in 1m0s
14:06:41: discover udp6:// broadcast: lookup no DNS servers; trying again in 1m0s

What do they mean, and how could I solve this problem? Thanks

What platform is this on? You can replace the hostname with, but it seems your system doesn’t have DNS servers set up?

I’m running Linux Mint 17.1, but DNS works regularly, as I can surf the web and do any other DNS-depending operations. The strange fact is that this message gets repeated for, let’s say, 5 minutes, then stops for an indefinite amount of time, and then it gets back.

On another machine (RPi), i get this error instead:

14:35:54: discover udp6:// broadcast: listen udp6 :0: address family not supported by protocol; trying again in 1m0s

which goes on indefinitely. I did not notice this earlier (and I’ve been using SyncThing for a few weeks now…) so I don’t understand what may have caused it to appear.

The 2nd will be fixed in the next release. It’s basically saying that there is no ipv6 support on the rpi. Re 1st, I guess your DNS server just fails every now and then? And web surfing usually uses a dns cache, hence why it might work.

Ok, that might be. As long as it is not a problem with Syncthing, I’m fine with it :smile: Thanks

I’m getting similar errors:

17:39:55: discover udp6:// broadcast: GetAddrInfoW: No such host is known.; trying again in 1m0s

On windows 8.1

Server:  dsldevice.lan
Address:  2001:470:28:4d6::5

I guess something about ipv6?

@kowach this will be fixed in the next release.