Bringing on an additional machine

Sorry for my bad English, If I have computer-A and computer-B synced both directions with Syncthing, what will happen if I copy the synchronized folders from computer-A to a third computer (computer-C) then install Syncthing on computer-c and configure it with a two way sync to computer-A? The bigger concern is what if a file name changed on Computer-A AFTER I copied the folder to Computer-C but BEFORE installing and configuring Syncthing on computer-C. My suspicion is that I will now have 2 files on all of the machines, one will be the original file name (From the floder copy), and the second will be the new file name from the changed file name on computer-A

Possibly. Don’t copy stuff out of band and sync them with Syncthing at the same time. Or by all means do that and sort out the conflicts after the fact.

You can set the folder on A as send only, so when C want’s to sync the old data back, A won’t accept them and you can override the “changes” made on B.

Thanks for the replies! I will give that a shot. I have 800 gigs of AutoCAD drawings and needless to say, the engineers get a little bent out of shape when their files get doubled up. I keep seeing people refer to the override changes button. Where is that button located? I have navigated around the web interface but do not see a button that will allow me to override changes.

The override changes button will be beside the Pause, Edit and Rescan buttons if the folder is set as send only and another device has a newer version of a file.

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