Best way to mesh up 3 way sync?


I have 3 devices. And I want to find the best way to sync up these devices regularly with the lowest overhead.

Now I have one central device which recognizes 2 other devices. Those 2 other devices recognizes this pseudo central server. So these 2 additional devices do not see eachother, they are not defined as friendly nodes to eachother.

Do you feel like actually creating a real 3 node mesh (ie all 3 nodes are friends of eachother) is better than the one I outlined above?

It depends.

The data will flow along the connections. Currently you have three nodes connected like A <-> B <-> C. If a file is changed on A, the change will be sent to B and then from B to C. If they are all connected, A will most likely send the change to both B and C directly.

The first scenario is better if B has a lot of outgoing bandwidth and the other nodes don’t. But if A has a fast uplink, the second scenario will probably be faster. In either case, things should end up in sync.

It sounds like my original setup is better because the “B” node is a real pc and the other ones are just mobile devices