Best Syncthing compation for Windows

Hi everyone!

Which software is most used and recommended for fast updates on Windows - Syncthing-GTK, QSyncthingTray, SyncTrayzor or syncthing-inotify? Too many choices is hard choice for novice like me.

Some of them (inotify namely) serve a different purpose and provide no ui enhancements.

Thank you for your reply, but which software currently is most popular among Syncthing users?

I don’t think we collect any type of metrics to be able to tell you that. Try all of them and se what works for you.

I use synctrayzor on windows and GitHub - alex2108/syncthing-tray: trayicon to display status of syncthing on Linux (did not test most of the currently existing ones, when I started using syncthing there was not that much choice…), but as audrius said, trying all is probably the best way to find out which one works best for you :wink:

We can try asking people what they use on Windows:

  • SyncTrayzor
  • QSyncthingTray
  • Syncthing-GTK
  • Syncthing directly
  • Something else

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Thank you, everybody, I joined to SyncTrayzor’s users.

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