Best logic for multiple devices syncing one directory?

First I want to thank the developers crew for bringing out the ultimate syncing tool. Noticeably better and cleaner than BTSync, that’s my impression. And it’s open source!

I have several devices which are syncing one directory. Thing is I’m not sure I’ve chosen the best logic: I paired every device with every device, everything is connected. That sounds like possible trouble to me, the more - I think it’s the reason why I have problems running Syncthing on Android.

So I guess the healthiest way to make a chain of devices, but as one device is introductory device, it makes new connections to other devices I don’t want to be made… I guess in that case you can’t have device set to introductory?


Yes, if you want to not have every device in your list, which are on the introducers list, you need to disable the introducer setting. This is the only function a introducer has.

Normally is is the most useful thing to connect every device with every device, because it will result in the best / fastest sync. (Unless you have a huge amount of devices, as every index of the other devices is kept in memory, so the more connected devices, the more RAM is used.)

What are the problems you have on Android?

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Happens that sometimes on the launch, it’s stuck at “loading…”, and I believe I’m multiple time asked to allow the same devices which were introduced by introducer device.

Yes definitely, I’m asked for device introduction for multiple times… Will try to turn off introductory feature as I’m already fully connected.

Those are bugs in the Android app. Check the issue tracker.