Best Fodlertype settings Master > Slaves > clients

Hi team,

Most likely this is already answered somewhere, my apologies for the lack of research in that case. I could not find it so 1-2-3.

I have the following situation:

1 master server - Shared folders ‘folder type’ are put on ‘Send only’

2 slave servers - Shared folders ‘folder type’ are currently put on ‘Send & Receive’

Clients per slave - Shared folders ‘folder type’ are currently put on ‘Receive only’


I only want the master server to have affect on the slave servers. And the slave servers only on their own clients. While those clients would still receive from eachother.

  • What is the best folder type setting regarding for the Slaves and clients?

Regarding the introducer role… SlaveA and SlaveB don’t have the master as introducer. If I setup the clients that belong to SlaveA and put slaveA as introducer. And ofcourse clients that belong to SlaveB have SlaveB as introducer.

  • Would clients get the introduction to other slave’s clients?

I think the configuration looks plausible, although with the slave servers set to “Send & Receive”, you won’t be able to override unwanted client modifications remotely. You will need to change their type to “Send Only”, at least temporarily, in order to do so. Also, please keep in mind that there is no functionality in Syncthing that would make one folder automatically overwrite changes done on the other end, e.g. if you make modifications on the slave servers by mistake, you will need to manually press the override button (or use the API, etc.) on the master server to get rid of them. Of course, you can still use custom scripts, etc. to automate the whole process.

Hi Tomasz,

thanks for your reply! So you’d advise to have Master & Slave servers set on Send Only? Would the slave servers still pick up changes from the master?

Yes I’m aware about the override function indeed :slight_smile: Works great btw… I first had 1 server, and the clients.

But I need 1 extra server for another building, and have 1 ‘master’ which changes should go down the tree.

I believe that’s the tricky part here. You can’t have those set to “Send & Receive” if you want to be able to receive modifications from the master server :sweat_smile:.

:sweat_smile: Ok I’ve put 74 clients on it now.

And have a free day tomorrow.

I’ve set master and slave servers to send only and will test monday morning and let the results know here :smiley: Thanks for your time!

Or is it possible to have an additional instance running on alternate ports on the slave servers to serve a send&receive between the 3, and a send only for the clients.

Master server is in vlan15 Slaves servers on vlan15&14 Clients on vlan14

That’s quite a number :crazy_face:. Is the Web GUI still responsive?

Yeah, you can run multiple instances no problem (other than higher resource usage, obviously). You just need to use different ports for the GUI, listen addresses (see, and local announcements (see and

Haha that’s nearly half of the clients. (1 slave server) The slaves now have 5gbit connection for the clients subnet. Master and slave servers have a 3gbit connection on their own subnet. (I’m lacking on adapters :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and pending on new 10gbit RJ45 SFP’s)

The machines a new MacStudio’s and perform pretty well.

Depending on the transfer time for operations, I might add a 3rd slave server

I was actually thinking about the Web GUI itself as it’s not really optimised for huge numbers of devices/folders and can become basically impossible to use at some point. For example, I’ve got ~50 folders and ~10 devices here, and the GUI is already much less responsive than on other machines with only a few folders and remote devices.

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