Behavior on growing files

Hi, I am new to Syncthing. I am about to test this in a setup where we want to send data from A to B and the connection is over StarLink.

On A there will be a number of folder and application that will write data continuously. Some files will a couple of kb but some file will grow up to a gig or two.

Typically files are grown over the duration of 10-30 minutes before they are split and a new file is incremented.

My question is, how does Syncthing deal with files that are being written to?

What i want to avoid is using bandwidth and data to send “partial” files that ultimately need to be resent when new data I added to the files.

The files in question can be any type of file, ascii, encoded video, binary files etc.

Thanks Petter

Depends on the details. If the files are small enough or change slowly enough that they can be scanned in one go it’ll work fine and only the last block gets resent. If the file changes while being scanned it will fail to scan and be retried.

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