Backward compatibility of syncthing

Hi all,

I have syncthing 0.14.5 and 0.14.6 installed on about 10 machines, and I’d like to know for how long future versions are going to be backward compatible to these versions.

I don’t want to upgrade all machines every month or so, but when I install syncthing on a new client I usually pick the latest version.

Thanks & Regards Dan

0.x.y will always be compatible with other versions in 0.x range. We make no promises about 0.x+1

Once we are out of our ethernal beta, the whole thing will shift by one place, x.y.z will always be compatible with other x versions.

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Historically new 0.x versions did in fact come around every few months, but 0.14 introduced a new protocol which should make it easier to retain compatibility over a longer time period. Given that there has yet to be a compatibility break since, it’s hard to predict how long your devices will remain cross-compatible.

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Why not? You should ideally keep quite close to the latest version, to enjoy bugfixes and performance improvements if nothing else.

@Jakob I agree, but some of the machines are maintained by other people who are not very familiar with syncthing, so it takes some coordination on my side to make everything work.

Automatic upgrades are always backwards compatible.

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