Backing up photos from Android phone

Hi all, trying to move away from Bittorrent Sync, I am testing out SyncThing.

What I am to do among other things is to backup photos from my Android phone to a storage attached to Raspberrypi2.

I have successfully installed SyncThing on Raspberrypi2 and managed to get it running automatically every boot.

I installed SyncThing on my Android phone and the two can see each other. I shared the default folder on Android phone which happens to be DCIM folder with my raspberrypi. I accept it on raspberrypi by selecting a folder (not the default folder on raspberrypi) and the connection seems to be made. I can see Camera folder in my raspberrypi but that’s about it. All my photo files are not synced at all.

What have I done wrong? Thank you.

Check the Out of sync items status, or perhaps the phone is still scanning?

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