Avoiding sending large files again on simple rename

I see a number of threads on this already, but none of them are clear or seem to apply the specific scenario I have been working with.

I have a specific synced folder that has a bunch of local Twitch recordings. All at least 8-10GB minimum a piece and in a single folder. Nothing fancy. Trash can file versioning with a 30 day delete, ignore deletes enabled on the ‘server’ end and receive only so a) if any changes are made server-side, it doesn’t send back to the client and b) the client side can clear out older recordings without them being wiped from the server. Working beautifully this way.

Except one thing I’ve noticed is when any recordings are renamed client-side, it resends the whole file again. This is long after the folder has been fully scanned and the original file was completely uploaded. For example one that occurred today was for a recording back in March.

Client machine is Windows. Server side is linux/Unraid.

Anything I’m missing that can prevent this from happening? This is terribly inefficient resending entire files again constantly especially on a 15-20mbit upload from the client.

Well, there are optimisations for renaming, but you don’t have a rename since you’ve set ignore-delete. A rename in Syncthing is a delete + a create, but the delete is ignored, so essentially, you’re making a copy. That should result in a copy being made locally on the receiving side, nothing should be transferred.

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