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hello … in past you have given info using introducer you automatically add new devices. i have try to understand but not understand or something wrong . so can you please help me as per my below structure ?

i have setup syncthing on centos 7 server and it is work as server. now i provide my all user to my server device ID then they will add that device ID in its syncthing software. Now I get request in server syncthing so instead of that i want to auto add thoes all requested user with default folder. So what steps i need to do ?


Version Information

Syncthing Version: v0.14.27 OS Version: Centos 7

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The introducer feature is described here:

It makes it so that if you set your central server to be an introducer, devices added to the central server will be added on the other devices as well - so they can talk directly to each other without going via the central server.

It does not help with auto accepting new devices or new folders on the central server.

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