Automatic Upgrade issue: read only filesystem

I am getting the following on the GUI Screen:

Automatic Upgrade: open /usr/syncthingXXXXXXXXX: read-only file system (where XXXXXXXXX is a random number that is generated every time this message comes up)

Because the last 9 digits of the directory where they want the upgrade to be performed changes, I cant figure out what to give permissions for.

My user that I run Syncthing under is STUser. The above directory is owned by root root. The STUser is an administrator user.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.



You should either switch to the apt repository if you’re on a Debian based distro or relocate your binary into a folder which has write permissions for the STuser.

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not sure how to get on an apt repository, but I will look for where the syncthing binary is located and make sure there are correct permissions for that folder. I am not sure that will help with the upgrade message saying that it can’t upgrade to the /usr/bin directory. can you shed any light on that?



How did you install syncthing?

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