Automatic overrides for folder set as “Master”?

A folder can be set in “master mode” among the folder settings. It requires that the user click ‘Override Files’ in order to proceed with the sync with those particular files.

I find this particularly frustrating and inconvenient as the very reason why the user uses “master mode” is to overwrite any changes in the file cluster. Have I missed something? is there an automated method or setting to ‘Override Files’ without user intervention?

It was discussed many times. Master folder discards any changes to other nodes but continues to send changes done to that node. In the following scenario it works just fine: two automated recording systems generating files(video, audio, data) that sync to a common location. each sends its changes to the that location but does not receive the files send from the other node. So the way that it works now has it’s use cases. If you want to always override that changes just track down what is causing them and remove that. Otherwise if that worked as you want it will be constant loop (something creates a file, syncthing removes it, when he file is not found it is recreated and syncthing removes it again…)

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Duplicate; search for “override”.