Auto update question

Hi, I installed Syncthing on my Mac about a year ago. I did not use Homebrew or anything technical or command line.

I notice that there’s a new version and don’t know how to update it. I looked under Advanced and see it’s supposed to update after 12 hours.

Is this an actual auto update feature? It doesn’t seems do have worked.

If there is an auto update feature how do I install it?


I’ve just discovered this in Settings > Automatic Upgrades > “Unavailable/Disabled by administrator or maintainer”.

How can I enable Automatic Upgrades?


You installed it from some package source that handles upgrades differently. You should figure out how, uninstall it that way, then install it some manner with upgrades that you prefer. Homebrew is fine. Our GitHub releases are fine.

Thanks. If I uninstall it and then install the from the Github zip (syncthing-macos-universal-v1.23.5) is there a way I can retail the six folders synced with my Android phone, or do I have to recreate each one and sync them again?

Problem now solved: After restarting my Mac Syncthing asked if I wanted to updated to the latest version, which I did.

So some sort of belated update mechanism is working, which is OK by me.

But thanks for your suggestions.

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