auto accept new device join requests ?

I create a 3 nodes (let’s called A/B/C ) lab for testing syncthing.

I run the command in B/C node

syncthing cli config devices add --device-id device_id_of_node_a --name master_node --auto-accept-folders --introducer

but I have to manually accept the request in the webui of node_a.

I try to find something like “auto accept/auto join” in options and advaned options , but with no luck. and syncthing cli also doen’t not do the trick. I also try to search in the forum , looks like introducer is not the solution to auto accept requests.

so I’m wondering is there any trick to auto accept the requests ?

You can write a script that listens to device rejected events from the API, makes some decision about whether the device is valid or not, and then adds the device via the API.

that means there is no such option in configuration , right ? then I will try to understand the API , thanks !

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