ASUSTOR Syncthing - Invalid Argument

Hey Guys, I’ve got a ASUSTOR NAS running the latest version of Syncthing, which syncs to a Windows partner. Both Syncthing instances are running the latest version. When new files are added to the NAS, the Windows back end is reporting ‘Invalid Arguement’.

“[V7WJA] 14:44:55 INFO: Puller: final: chmod \?\M:“PATH TO FILE LOCATION…”~syncthing~“FILE NAME…”.docx.tmp: Invalid Argument”

I have a number of ASUSTOR NAS’ syncing back to this same Windows device and none of them have this issue.

The only thing that is different on this NAS is that Windows ACL is being used on the NAS shares for additional security options.

I have managed to get it to sync the files by setting the ‘admin’ account on the NAS as the owner of root folders, and recursively applying that to sub directories and files. However when new data gets added, those files get assigned the owner of the user that created it, which stops the file from replicating.

Unfortunately I cannot remove Windows ACL as it is a requirement for these shares to have it in place for the additional security options.

Any recommendations on getting this working?

Read up on “ignore permissions” in the docs.

Thanks for that Audrius. Confirmed it is syncing correctly now.

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