Asset branding

I wanted to play around with changing the icons and other branding withing the app. I made an exact duplicate of the assets folder with files of the exact dimensions and types. I then replaced the stock assets folder with my assets folder and performed the build. All of the regular assets showed up in the build and mine were not used. Can you tell me the following:

  1. during the build are all of the assets pulled down from somewhere (Github?) before the build?

  2. is there a direction to go in when wanting to change the look and feel of the branding side.

finally is there a resource with all of the go run build.go options?

thanks for your help, I have a project and am really excited to be able to work on this.

thanks again


Can you explain why you are trying to change it?

I am not sure if the license allows you to fully rebrand the software, as all original copyright and attribution needs to be preserved.

Also, any changes you make to our files needs to be open-sourced as per license.

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I am aware of the license restrictions and governance. I just wanted to change the assets files. I am not trying to change any copyright or infringe on any license. I respect the license, the code, and every contributor who has and will add a contribution to this software. I am also trying to do the same.

My fear is that no one will now reply because of your statement which looks for an explanation of why I am trying to do something rather than offering advice or help. It makes me look like I am trying to do something underhanded which I am not.

I just wanted to know how to change the graphics before the build, as I feel that is an easy way for me to get started understanding how the build process works and I can learn how to contribute to the project.

The graphics are in the source repo like everything else, so can be changed there before the build.

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Apparently there’s a little it of duplication in assets. Some exist both in ./asset (used for release bundles) and ./gui/default/assets/img.

I am also curious about what the rebranding is about? I mean a very probable reason might be that you want to use Syncthing in a company, and rebranding it to make it look like a company tool (I don’t really see the point personally, but seems like something a lot of companies would want to do xD ). Basically there’s tons of reasonable reasons (besides very few, less likely ones, like rebranding and selling), so it would be cool to know what it is :slight_smile:

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First, thank you to calmh and imsodin for responding. I am considering making an add on to the product but its so early I have not even learned how the product works let alone started on anything. In my learning process I wanted to see how the program compiles and see if something simple like replacing the assets would achieve a result. I would never do anything against the license agreement and I would never sell Syncthing and I am hoping that if I accomplish the add-on, that the community will enjoy it. Thank you for the point in the right direction…


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