Are PRs quieting DeepSource's issue considered

In developing PR #7876 DeepSource reports many issues that are unrelated to the PR. See here.

If I submitted a PR to quiet these issues, would it be considered? I only see one previous one, and it hasn’t been accepted yet (though it’s only 5 days old). Thanks.

I guess the answer is, it depends, based on the cost of involved in fixing them. If its 10s of lines of code to silence a warning, perhaps its not worth it.

I commented on the PR in question, but adding to that here, I think bending backwards for the linter is not necessarily a net gain. That includes adding magic comments to tell the linter that we actually want to do what the code does. If the linter-suggested change is actually an improvement then it’s fine, of course.

Thanks for the feedback. I removed all the full line comments in the PR, tweaked the code as needed, but also added just a couple end-of-line comments (only //skipcq) where it seemed appropriate, like quieting “weak rand” and “two func name differ only by case” issue.

Lemme know what you think. Thanks.